Digital Portable Tens and EMS Machine Wireless Remote Controlling With 3 Self-Adhesive Electrode Pads Healthcare World

VAT Relief AvailableWireless digital  mini TENS machine with TENS and EMS programmes. For massage, pain relief and muscle toning.

Mini Tens Machine Digital And Wireless
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This digital  mini TENS machine is a portable device which offers the ultimate in convenient drug free pain relief. The tiny device has both TENS and EMS programmes, 5 Tens therapy programmes for massage and pain relief and 5 EMS programmes for massage and toning. The digital mini TENS machine can be taken with you anywhere and is so easy to use as it does not require any lead wires and is completely wireless. As the small device is applied directly to the body by attaching directly to the self adhesive electrode pad there is also no need for the use of a remote control.

The mini Tens/EMS unit does not require any wires to function and operates from a small battery.
The whole unit itself being so small and compact attaches directly onto the sticky electrode pads which are placed directly on the skin. The mini Tens unit will discreetly provide pain relief and massage and can easily be used under clothing. It is ideal to use when travelling as no inconvenient wires or attachments are necessary.

This small but highly effective Tens machine can be used to treat: period pain, arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, sports strains, back pain, muscle injuries and many other types of pain. The mini digital TENS/EMS machine is easy to use, practical and light weight and is one of our most popular products.

In addition to pain relief the mini TENS/EMS machine has additional programmes for EMS. This means it can be used to tone and strengthen muscles as it uses electrical muscle stimulation. The digital wireless mini TENS/ems machine is appropriate for pain relief therapy, fitness, toning and beauty.

In some instances it may be preferrable to use with separate electrodes and lead wires, for instance when using on difficult to access areas of the body such as the back, it is easier to operate the device by holding it in your hands enabling you to adjust the settings. We also sell the mini Tens leads and pads which go with them please call for further advice.


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