Analis Probe

TENS/EMS Anal Electrode Probe ANALIS Gold Plated E-stim Biofeedback Device

Vag periprobe

TENS/EMS Vaginal Electrode Probe PERIPROBE VAG-2STW Gold-Plated E-STIM Biofeedback Device

TENS/EMS Anal Electrode Probe PERIPROBE E-STIM Biofeedback Device

Gold-plated anal electrode probe PERIPROBE E-STIM biofeedback device for incontinence treatment.
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The probe is made from entirely biocompatible plastic and houses two wide gold-plated transversal electrodes creating two complete rings (completely nickel free).Due to gold's natural resistance to oxidation, the probe can be used more times than a lot of other probes that have electrodes made from other metals - stainless steel for instance. Gold also has one of the highest conductivities so you can still get effective stimulation from lower intensity settings. The probe weighs only 20g making it significantly more comfortable to use than a heavier probe would be. The probe CAN NOT be sterilised (do not autoclave). However it can be cleaned with soap and tap water after each usage. Length: 110 mm Width: 10-16mm Lead length: 200mm Connects to 2mm pin leads
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Brand B Med
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