15 x Ecocare Vaginal PH Tests

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Ecocare Vaginal PH Tests

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15 x Ecocare Vaginal PH Tests
15 x Ecocare Vaginal PH Tests 15 x Ecocare Vaginal PH Tests




Maintain vaginal health during pregnancy and decrease the risk of premature birth

The most common cause of premature birth is bacterial infection in the vagina, regular testing of the pH balance can alert expectant mother's to the possibility of this infection, which can largely go unnoticed. The EcoCare pH test system was developed so that disturbances in vaginal acidity could easily be detected and therefore the presence of infection, alerting the expectant mother to seek medical help and reduce the risk of premature birth. Through regular self testing of the vaginal pH value expectant mothers can reduce the risk.

Detecting other common problems

By measuring the pH value in the vaginal opening other disturbances of the vaginal balance can easily be detected. Vaginal infections can cause a range of symptoms including, itching, burning, dryness, increased discharge, fishy odour etc. Using the self test sticks means that early stage infections can be identified and therefore treated quickly meaning less suffering and discomfort

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