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Focus On Primary Healthcare

24/06/2014 01:36

A recent article in the Guardian suggests that highlighting and promoting the use of Primary Care Services could help to ease the pressure on hospital Accident and Emergency Departments.


The article goes on to suggest some of the complex reasons for the explosion in demand of our out of hours health services, not least being the revision of GP’s contracts resulting in them being able to opt out of out of hours care. However the piece does admit that there are many other varied reasons as to why the demand has soared so much in recent years.

With instant access to the internet being at most people’s fingertips, this has allowed for members of the public to easily research and find possible answers to many medical ailments and concerns. Whilst knowledge and awareness are generally a good thing, this process may also lead to people seeking medical advice when it may not be necessary. However, self learning, especially of health issues should be welcomed as there is no substitute for being able to take control of one’s own health and ensuring optimum wellbeing.

Here at Healthcare World we believe that everyone should have access to knowledge and products which are aimed at improving quality of life or enhancing the body’s health potential. Our preference is that this should be done as naturally as possible, hence our product range in natural pain relief.

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Sue Rahman