About Healthcare World

We are an online company selling quality healthcare products which are aimed at maintaining health and wellbeing.

Our products emphasise a natural approach to healthcare and alternatives to relying on medication, such as our Tens products for pain relief. We have specialist knowledge in the area of Tens and electrotherapy and only source high quality products which we offer at the very best prices. Our Tens pads are some of the best quality available and are used by all the major sellers/brands. We have many repeat customers both in the UK and internationally.

As a small family run business with backgrounds in health and social care, our philosophy is that everyone and anyone should have access to any knowledge or products which can improve quality of life or assist in achieving the body's optimum health potential.

It is with this in mind we established Healthcare World Online Ltd, in order to provide an outlet where such items can be purchased by consumers and used personally by them in their own homes. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction and reply to customer queries quickly and efficiently and in a friendly and personal manner. The success of our business relies on our customers and us providing a 5 star customer experience and this is something we are committed to achieving for all our customers.