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When you buy from Healthcare World you can be assured that your order will be processed quickly and efficiently and we will respond effectively to any customer care issues.

We are a specialist Healthcare Supplier with a particular interest in TENS products such as pain relief machines and TENS accessories including TENS pads and leads. TENS is an abbreviation of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation which uses electrical impulses to treat pain and offers drug free pain relief.

Many of our products can offer pain relief naturally such as our Fisiocrem and Rubbeez physiotherapy massage creams. Rubbeez is popular with many athletes as it is great for muscular aches and strains and is produced from high quality organic ingredients.

We also sell items for general health and wellbeing like blood pressure monitors and thermometers from well known brands Omron and A&D Medical. Some of our more popular items are in our Sexual Health category including electrode probes which are great for restoring tone to the pelvic floor muscles. We can also offer organic Intimate Lubricants and innovative products like the Femmecup menstrual cup which not only saves money but is also practical and environmentally friendly.

In our dental section there are high quality toothbrushes and interdentals from Swiss company Curaprox and specialised toothpastes from Optima which are made with Aloe Vera and fluoride free.

We regularly add new items and Special Offers to our website so please come back and browse our site for different product lines at fantastic prices.